In 2009, a small group of people in Pedasi began to work with the organization SPAY PANAMA,sterilizing dogs and cats in Pedasi. Six years later, this group has been reorganized and is now called ANIMAL ADVOCATES of PEDASI. It consists of about 20 core members, mostly expat residents in Pedasi, all animal lovers and very concerned with the problem of overpopulation of dogs and cats. The group promotes and defends the sterilization of dogs and cats as the only viable method to prevent overpopulation and provide for the long-term welfare of animals.


Since January 2014, Connie Moller and her husband Mikkel, co-lead ANIMAL ADVOCATES of PEDASI. The Moller’s originated in California in the United States and, since August 2013, have been residing in Pedasi. They are a couple who love animals and, at the head of this organization, are doing an extraordinary job of attracting partners and funding for implementation of various programs in defense of animals.


ANIMAL ADVOCATES of PEDASI works mainly in two ways: educating people on pet care and sterilization of animals to prevent overpopulation.

Regarding education, they want to make people aware of the importance of caring for our pets, always providing them a dish of water, bringing them food, giving them a place to move around, a place protected from rain and sun, etc. Besides awareness programs already undertaken, they plan to develop two programs in the Plinio Moscoso Pedasi School to teach children how to care for their pets, and implement of a Movie Night with the theme of animal care.

The sterilization program for ANIMAL ADVOCATES of PEDASI with the support of Spay Panama is certainly a success. A sterilization clinic in Pedasi was held on April 13; 180 animals (108 dogs and 72 cats) were sterilized. Spay Panama provided 8 veterinarians and 7 veterinarian assistants, all of them trained in the Quick Spay sterilization method. The Quick Spay method utilizes a small incision and a stainless steel suture because it is strong, non-reactive and does not have to be removed (and can be used for all dogs and cats as young as six weeks old).

Raising funds to provide all these services is based on memberships from members, donations from sponsors and activities to collect funds such as holding a market in the square every six months, dinners, charity raffles, etc.

You can contact ANIMAL ADVOCATES of PEDASI by e-mail “” or call 995-2919, and ask for Connie and Mikkel Moller.

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