Beautifying Pedasi



It was always said that Pedasí is a picturesque town. Now with the colorful photographic monument “Pedasi” and most of the newly painted houses in lively and cheerful colors, Pedasí is also a colorful village.

The initiative to paint the houses of the town came from 6 friends who decided to beautify the appearance of Pedasí, by painting the houses and walls with bright colors. The intention is to brighten our eyesight as much to the inhabitants as to the tourists. The result is being a success. Since August they have painted 40 houses, 7 large decorative murals and countless electricity poles. Now the town shines with its newly painted houses and on its walls they display precious murals with turtles, whales, beaches and everything that Pedasí offers.

This project is called PEDASI QUERIDO PUEBLO COLORIDO or Beloved Pedasi,colorful town and it is led by a group of friends of Pedasí who have transmitted with their enthusiasm and joy to all the people of Pedasi who do not hesitate to join and collaborate with the group. Acceptance in the town has been incredible, many nationals and foreigners joined the work, donating, donating painting, or giving food and drinks. All the people went over the idea of painting Pedasí, a multitude of businesses and particulars supported the initiative, as well as the mayor’s office with Miguel Batista sharing goals and brush, or our Ex-President Mireya Moscoso who did not hesitate to apply a good painting hand at the park.

PEDASI QUERIDO PUEBLO COLORIDO is a non-profit social project, in which behind the work of painting, there is a serious organization. In this project there is a working plan ; Nothing is left to chance. Now that the objectives of the first phase of the project have been met, they want to start the second phase that is no less ambitious than the previous one: They want to reach the 100 houses painted before Carnival 2017!

For this Second Phase they are looking for sponsorship. You can contact them on the cell phones: 6349-1992, 6675-1112 or 6666-2552, or at the email

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