By Thays Domínguez

October is the month when a series of civic and traditional cultural events are celebrated by the local people from Chitre which has a history as far back as the 19th of October in 1848.  Everything is prepared in the five local districts of Chitre, ready to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of Chitre, one of the most anticipated dates for the locals, who are warming up for what will be a week of celebrations, civic ceremonies, parades and festivals.

The celebrations begin with the coronation of the Queens from every local area in Chitre, which will be the prelude to the fun of Octobers’ parties, dedicated to all their traditions and customs. The official acts commence from the 16th of October, where the custom is to introduce ‘los Hijos Meritorios del Distrito’ which every year represents well known people from different areas of the community.

On Monday the 19th of October, there will be a Mass of Thanksgiving in the San Juan Bautista Cathedral and a ceremony with the Chitre Municipal Council in the Central Union park. After the civic services finish, the parade will start through the main streets of Chitre, which will include many school delegations, governmental and civic clubs of the province. During the month of October in Chitre there will be a selection of festivities to enjoy , cultural, recreational, civic and traditional all “to honor every ‘Chitreano’ living here and those who are not too far away”. All through these nights everyone can go out and enjoy the different cultural highlights that each local area has arranged. There will be the Queens and a lot of the local culture, all organized by the committees and many proud Chitreanos .

Saturday night, on October 24th is the traditional Gala parade where you will see all the local districts Queens, with a display throughout the main streets up to the central Union Park. And finally coming to a spectacular close on Sunday the 25th, there will be another eagerly awaited traditional parade, which is considered to be the oldest in the country and this is the family fun day for all.

Author: pedasi