Photography by Sergio Vega

Last Sunday July 26th at Club Los Amigos de La Villa de Los Santos, the signing of Miguel Antonio Amaya Oro with the Cubs Chicago was formalized.

Who would have known that the young Miguel, at 16 years old, who was always encouraged by his brother and cousin to play baseball in the Club los Amigos, would one day be signing up with a team in the majors on the very same court he played for the first time.

On July 26th, in front of a crowd of relatives and friends, Miguel Amaya, who was accompanied by his father, actor Maximilian Amaya and the coach Cirilo Cumberbatch who represents the Chicago Cubs, signed the document securing this young Azuero mans future with the Cubs over the next seven years with a dream of reaching towards the big leagues. The contract is worth 1 million 250 thousand dollars, the highest amount received by any Panamanian player in the history of the sport.

Miguel Amaya who is a highly regarded young player, played for the national team of Los Santos and in Panama, at the Latin American Youth, twice. Steadily declared as the most valuable player in the National Youth Baseball Tournament 2015 he has become a champion of the Sector, Jonrronero, Impulsador and Jugador más Caballeroso.

In the Club de los Amigos, Miguel Amaya was visibly moved and he said “I feel very emotional because since my childhood this was my dream to be a major league player, and this is a big step. The first step is to work hard and advance. I will give my everything in the field. My dedication, sacrifice and commitment. To all the readers of THE PEDASIEÑO and all the people of Azuero I send greetings and Gods blessing. “

Maximilian Amaya, Miguel’s father and agent said that for the past three years the Cubs had had a clear interest in Miguel. Miguel travelled continuously between the US and the Dominican Republic, visiting schools, meeting with coaches, players, parents, managers, and learning from other children both of which whom have signed contracts and those who have not. Miguel’s signing with the Chicago Cubs is a deal that requires Miguel’s maximum commitment and responsibility. Step by step, little by little following his dream and his family’s dream of him playing in the big leagues.

Author: pedasi